bGeigie in motion – mobile radiation readings

Last month I blogged about our concept bGeigie, which is essentially a pair of geiger counters rigged to a car and connected to a GPS device and laptop to log the points as we drive around the country side. We’ve now completed several of these drives and have mapped out the data so it makes a little more sense. Each map can be clicked to go to a specific page with a zoomable versions. This is a test drive around Tokyo:


This is the trip to Koriyama that I mentioned in the earlier post:

This is Iwaki:

Here is a follow up trip to Koriyama and Hirono:
Koriyama - Hirono

Here is Sukagawa City:
Sukagawa City

And finally, we gave a bGeigie set up to a team at Keio University and this is the collected readings for 3 of their driving around:
Keio team