Over 10,000,000 Data Points

So this just happened:

Actually it happened last week, and we blew past it without even noticing which point rolled it over. Officially, to date, Safecast has collected and published over 10,000,000 individual data points. That’s a huge milestone for us, and when you consider that it took us 6 months from March 11, 2011 to collect our first million, and we were just passing 4,000,000 towards the end of 2012 – this is shows how our collection efforts continue to ramp up.

Obviously a lot of this is due to our incredibly dedicated volunteers. Earlier this year one of our volunteer teams, GLC, broke 1,000,000 measurements they had collected themselves which was terribly exciting and with the recent release of our bGeigie Nano Kit which allows anyone to use the exact same hardware and system we do to collect and submit data, we only expect this to continue to speed up. We’re celebrating this milestone in Aizu at the Eyes, Japan office hosting a nano-build-a-thon where we made more nano’s in a 48 hour period than ever before. More on that soon.

One Comment on “Over 10,000,000 Data Points

  1. This site shows why governments and their controlling corporations want desperately to shut down popular access to the internet. Safecast shatters their control over the gathering of vital data that proves that the whole bunch of them are nothing but sociopathic liars concerned only with furthering their own elite positions. But Safecast also proves that those government and corporate elites are profoundly stupid, here they are poisoning beyond repair their own kingdoms and empires. We need a version of this site in the United States, or rather we need many versions of this site that gather data on radiation from nuke plants and on other types of deadly pollution that we are not allowed to know about.