Safecast workshop (bGeigie-nano) in Aizu

Written by: Norio Watanabe
Safecast Volunteer from Koriyama


On a cloudy day in early summer, Safecast members and volunteers gathered in Aizu-Wakamatsu to hold a bGeigie Nano-assembling workshop. The workshop took place at the IT company Eyes, JAPAN Co., …

New Safecasters joined in Chichibu

We are happy to announce that local citizens from Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture have joined the Safecast volunteer network. (Mr. Tateno, Mr. Sekine and Mr. Noguchi from the left)

Chichibu has beautiful countryside and is surrounded by mountain ranges. In …

My present state (from KS in Fukushima)

Declaring that the Situation is Safe with No Clear Explanation Led to Anxiety

The explosions at the nuclear power plant right after 3.11 were a great shock to all of my family. The earthquake affected phone connectivity, but my father