Safecast Code

We’ve been thinking about what describes the Safecast project as a whole, and came up with a list of 10 things that we try to incorporate into all of our efforts. This is something like our code of conduct, what …

Decon or Con? How is remediation being managed, and how effective is it?

This schoolyard in Iitate was decontaminated in January, 2012. Will it ever be deemed fit to use again?


Does the Japanese government have a clear plan for decontaminating Fukushima Prefecture? Are the aims they’ve stated really feasible? Is anyone really able to keep track of the changing standards and guidelines? Lately the ministries …

Why is “Is it safe?” a hard question?

Top or bottom? Safe or not?

Top or bottom? Safe or not?

We are getting a lot of questions, both at and through the Safecast group from concerned people – they all try to understand some aspect of radiation or another. And of course, many people ask similar questions, but without …

GLC hits over a mIllion points!

Safecasters Joe Moross (far left) and Pieter Franken (far right), flanking GLC's bGeigie team.

Safecasters Joe Moross (far left) and Pieter Franken (far right), flanking GLC’s bGeigie team.

Global Survey Corp., which goes by the initials “GLC,” has been mapping Japan’s roads since 2005. Their data is used in many car navi systems, as …

Building bGeigies in Aizu


Hikone 2012-12-19

From One Spike to 45 Blinking LED’s.

From one Spike on a Software Scope in a Brazil Bar in Tokyo to 45 Blinking LEDs, the Sound of Fake Digital Crickets in a Science Room in Aizu. (A short …

Safecast at Stanford’s Medicine X conference

I gave a presentation about Safecast at the Medicine X conference at Stanford today. There was a mix up with some of my slides and I’m not sure if I hit all the points I wanted to, and several people …

Safecasting Fukushima Live Report


Today we are Safecasting from Tokyo to Minami Soma, Fukushima. Driving today are Joe and Kalin with self in the back seat handling communications (ahem)

Today’s goal is to measure a hotspot we recently found on our map in Minami …

Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun newspaper article about Safecast Loftwork event on March 25, 2012

Introduction by the translator: The following is an unofficial English translation of the original article in Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun a Japanese newspaper about industrial matters. The Nikkei group also publishes the Nihon Kezai Shimbun which is the major financial newspaper

Safecast seminar in Iwaki

This is a guest post written by Ryuichi Mori, ex vice chairman of Dentsu and Advisor to MIT media lab.

On March 1, I was invited by Pieter and Joe of Safecast Japan to convene a radiation seminar in the …

Berliner Gazette: Learning From Fukushima Report

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be invited by The Berliner Gazette to participate in a symposium called “Learning from Fukushima” that they were producing in Berlin. Krystian Woznicki and his team organized a fantastic collection of speakers …