Safecast Conference 2015 Video

by sean

The team at Make It Creative who helped us organize the Safecast Conference 2015 put together this short (3 minute) video about the event and the project overall. We think it’s a wonderful video and hope you’ll enjoy it as …

Fukushima: The Next Three Years Symposium

by sean


Above: Everything looked great on the huge screen, including Joi Ito Skyping in from MIT to say hello.

The “FUKUSHIMA: THE NEXT THREE YEARS” symposium SAFECAST organized in commemoration of the third anniversary of the start of the Fukushima disaster …

Safecast 3 Year Anniversary Event: Schedule

by sean


On March 15th and 16th we’ll be holding events to commemorate three years since the Tohoku Earthquake and resulting Tsunami and meltdowns at Fukushima Daichi which led to the founding of Safecast. The 2-day program will consist of  both talks …

bGeigie Workshop – Aizu

by sean

A few weeks ago we gathered in Aizu with a crew of Safecast volunteers to celebrate hitting 10 million datapoints though we actually had a productive goal for the weekend as well. We held what will hopefully be the first …

Safecast Air Force (drone program)

by sean


The above video is a hexacopter with an onboard bGeigie Nano taking radiation readings in flight and broadcasting live via wifi. It’s the result of the just finished week long Safecast hackathon that just took place in Cambridge, MA.

There …

Tokyo Hackathon Roundup

by sean

Earlier this year we held what will hopefully be the first of many Safecast Hackathons. Since Safecast has such a fantastic team of volunteers working together, we thought it might be beneficial to bring everyone together in one city for …

Tokyo Hackathon underway

by sean

We kicked off the first hackathon of 2013 today in Tokyo. In many ways today was a planning session for what the rest of the week will look like. We ran through the issues lists on several key Safecast repositories

Safecast Hackathon – January 13-18, 2013

by sean

At Safecast, we have been talking about our distributed team(s) and how beneficial it is when we can get people in the same room to actually hack on things. Not just bring each other up to date on what we’ve …