Safecast X Shuttleworth


As some will already know the Shuttleworth Foundation has been a gracious supporter of Safecast and helped make our recent 4 year anniversary event possible. As one of their Fellows I’ve been fortunate to get to meet with and work …

Development: Real-Time Interpolation


Real-Time Interpolation:
A Powerful and Unique Tool
 – Overview and Upcoming Improvements – 


Above: Measurements vs. Interpolation. Left: Actual measurement data points. Right: Interpolation of those points using the Safecast app.


Above: Enabling IDW in the Safecast app for OS

Safecast OS X App Now Available


Mac OS X users are in for a treat with the release of our native desktop client. Available now in the app store. Hand built with with love by Safecaster Nick Dolezal, the official Safecast app brings our extensive …

Updated Safecast Webmap!


Since the unfortunate demise of our GeoSense map platform we haven’t had recent visualization of Safecast data available to web users. Last week Safecast volunteer Nick Dolezal (mastermind behind the Safecast iOS app) tried out an experiment and it …

Safecasting Iraq: Open Data to Open Doors


Last month I was invited to facilitate some data visualization workshops at the Peace Tech camps in Erbil Iraq. One of the NGO’s I was working with was attempting to visualize a study to raise awareness about the issue of …

Fukushima: The Next Three Years Symposium


Above: Everything looked great on the huge screen, including Joi Ito Skyping in from MIT to say hello.

The “FUKUSHIMA: THE NEXT THREE YEARS” symposium SAFECAST organized in commemoration of the third anniversary of the start of the Fukushima disaster …

Safecasting the IAEA


Day 1, Feb 16, 2014

Joe and I are in Vienna this week to attend an IAEA expert meeting which starts Monday. SAFECAST was invited to make a presentation about our methods and results, and I’ll be the one giving …

Fukushima across the Pacific


This map is from a detailed simulation of the spread of Pacific ocean radiation, and shows the anticipated levels as of Aug. 2013. It looks scary, but the red color indicates that the levels of Cs137 from Fukushima are 10,000

Alternate visualization – frequency of samples


The magi behind all things iOS in Safecast Land, Nick Dolezal, is working hard on the new version of the Safecast app (which will allow on demand refreshing of the map data) decided to whip up these alternate visualizations of …