(in Japanese) bGeigie “how to” videos

Volunteer Kiki Tanaka has posted several short YouTube videos showing how to use the bGeigie Nano. They’re in Japanese only (accessible from the Japanese side of this blog), but we hope to have English language versions up soon as well. …

bGeigie Nano Review


Over at Wise Time With Arduino they decided to build a bGeigie Nano from scratch – that is, they didn’t buy the kit, they used the plans and sourced all the parts on their own which is something an open …

Vice Japan Covers Recent bGeigie Build Event

Recently, we held a build your own bGeigie Nano workshop at our offices in Shibuya, Tokyo. We’d been talking to the great folks at Vice Japan for a while and they decided they wanted to join the workshop and build …

bGeigie Nano PCB Available Now

Want to build up a bGeigie Nano from scratch? You’re gonna need a PCB, so we just posted the schematic on OSH. You can download it or order a PCB directly from them if you want to give it a

bGeigie Workshop – Aizu

A few weeks ago we gathered in Aizu with a crew of Safecast volunteers to celebrate hitting 10 million datapoints though we actually had a productive goal for the weekend as well. We held what will hopefully be the first …

Safecast Air Force (drone program)


The above video is a hexacopter with an onboard bGeigie Nano taking radiation readings in flight and broadcasting live via wifi. It’s the result of the just finished week long Safecast hackathon that just took place in Cambridge, MA.

There …

Air Prototype Show & Tell

Last night at the weekly Crash Space meeting, Naim showed off the current, working, Safecast Air prototype during show & tell, as well as an example of a possible housing using plates. We’re calling the device the “canAIRe” and may …

The bGeigie Nano Kit


The biggest limitation Safecast has faced in collecting data is the limited availability of our workhorse device, the bGeigie. The design works great, but it’s expensive (each one costs us about $1000) and time consuming (building one can take an …

sneak peek of things to come

This is happening, stay tuned

Information, Misinformation, Disinformation (or, “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”) Part 1


Whose job is it to make this stuff easy to understand?

[Skip to Part 2] At Safecast we assumed from the start that our data should be accurate, easy to understand, …