20 million!


A few days ago, Safecast reached another milestone: 20 million data points! If you look at the  graph above, you’ll see that, starting from zero, it took us 7 months to collect the first million data points. Our first GPS-tagged data collection efforts in…

Upload of the Month

This is the upload as it appears in the API link below.

Above: This is the upload as it appears in the SAFECAST API. Every now and then we get a data submission which strikes us as particularly interesting for one reason or another, and we’d like to start highlighting them. So here’s our first “Upload…

Safecasting DC


Made possible by a grant from the MacArthur Foundation, earlier this week we were invited by the NRDC and International Medcom to come to Washington, DC and show a group of people how to build our bGeigie’s and talk a little bit about the…

Safecasting Iraq: Open Data to Open Doors


Last month I was invited to facilitate some data visualization workshops at the Peace Tech camps in Erbil Iraq. One of the NGO’s I was working with was attempting to visualize a study to raise awareness about the issue of depleted uranium in Iraq….

Fukushima: The Next Three Years Symposium


Above: Everything looked great on the huge screen, including Joi Ito Skyping in from MIT to say hello. The “FUKUSHIMA: THE NEXT THREE YEARS” symposium SAFECAST organized in commemoration of the third anniversary of the start of the Fukushima disaster was held at the…

Over 46 Countries!


Safecaster Lionel Bergeret has been keeping track of how Safecast is covering the globe, and produced this quick map to show where we’ve been, and where we still need to go. This map was generated after we added data from Iraq putting us in…

Safecast 3 Year Anniversary Event: Schedule


On March 15th and 16th we’ll be holding events to commemorate three years since the Tohoku Earthquake and resulting Tsunami and meltdowns at Fukushima Daichi which led to the founding of Safecast. The 2-day program will consist of  both talks and hands-on events. On…

Safecasting the IAEA


Day 1, Feb 16, 2014 Joe and I are in Vienna this week to attend an IAEA expert meeting which starts Monday. SAFECAST was invited to make a presentation about our methods and results, and I’ll be the one giving the talk, which is…

15 Million Data Points and Democracy Now


Today we broke another data milestone when we crossed 15 million data points in the Safecast database. You may recall that it was only June 2013 when we broke 10 Million and October 2011 when first hit 1 million so momentum is picking up…

Fukushima across the Pacific


Let’s make it clear: the release of radioactive contamination from the Fukushima NPP to the environment — the air, the land, and the ocean — is a massive disaster. There’s no other way to describe it. Radiation in the air spread far and wide,…