Joi & POTUS talk Safecast

Safecast co-Founder Joi Ito and US President Barack Obama recently talked about the future for an issue of WIRED. Among the topics covered were the value of open data and some of Safecast’s work. Relevant portion begins around 7:00 in …

Safecast Merch

Over the last 5+ years we’ve almost never had publicly available merchandise, restricting our t-shirts and stickers and things to volunteers and in person visitors to our office. However we’re often asked if we have anything that people can buy …

Improving the EPA Smart City Air Challenge


Safecast believes strongly in citizen-based environmental monitoring, and we constantly encourage official government bodies and others to support it. Recently, the US EPA announced a grant program called the EPA Smart City Air Challenge, which asks communities to propose …

Pointcast Rollout, Part 2: Iitate Village


Above: The Pointcast installation in Iitate is at Iitate Farms, in Nodegami hamlet.

(This is the second in a multipart series about the Pointcast realtime radiation sensor system. Part 1, which describes the technical aspects of the system, can be

50 million data points!


This week Safecast hit a major milestone, reaching 50 million data points in our radiation measurement database. We hit the 40 million mark just last January, which means we’re logging close to two million data points a month now. …

Pointcast Rollout, Part 1

Koriyama Pointcast group 02

Above: The Safecast team with the new Pointcast realtime radiation monitor in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture.

While the bGeigie and mobile radiation monitoring have been the major focus of Safecast for some time, we have also steadily been building, testing, and …