Safecast X Shuttleworth


As some will already know the Shuttleworth Foundation has been a gracious supporter of Safecast and helped make our recent 4 year anniversary event possible. As one of their Fellows I’ve been fortunate to get to meet with and work …

More droid trouble

Odaka JB droid 01

Above: 77 new realtime radiation monitors made by JB Japan Brand were installed in Fukushima in March 2015 and taken offline weeks later. This unit, in front of Odaka Station in Minamisoma, has an “under maintenance ” notice posted on

Upcoming bGeigie Nano workshop in Taipei


FabCafe Taipei will host its second bGeigie Nano workshop in Taipei on Saturday, May 30. Last years’s workshop, led by Safecaster Joe Moross, was a huge success, and Joe will be there again this time to guide participants through the …

Upcoming bGeigie Nano Workshop in Tokyo

We’re pleased to announce an upcoming bGeigie Nano workshop in Tokyo during Golden Week, so you can build your own bGeigie mobile radiation detector and take it on your Golden Week holiday travels around Japan or the world!

The bGeigie …

The Safecast Report

Safecast report Cover01-sm

We’re pleased to announce the first release of the SAFECAST REPORT.

The report serves two functions. One, it gives an update on the SAFECAST PROJECT itself, what we’ve been up to and have accomplished, and what we expect to be …

bGeigies on Webmap


bGeigie + Webmap

Every drive by Safecast volunteers tells a story.  Hopefully an exciting and highly radioactive one.  But in any case, we’ve added tools to help you visualize and share these efforts to the Safecast webmap.

What’s new …


Dr. Buesseler with his nano on the beach at Bikini.

Above: Dr. Buesseler on the beach at Bikini.


We recently got some unique uploads from Bikini and Enewetak Atolls, courtesy of Dr. Ken Buesseler, of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI).
Dr. Buesseler is a leading oceanographer studying the spread …

Safecasting at Hakuoh University (in Japanese)

Safecast volunteer Kohei Watanabe posted an account (in Japanese) of his presentation about Safecast, given at Hakuoh College in Oyama, Ibaragi Pref. on Dec 12, 2014. He reports that his talk was a tremendous success and generated a lot of …