(in Japanese) bGeigie “how to” videos

by kiki

Volunteer Kiki Tanaka has posted several short YouTube videos showing how to use the bGeigie Nano. They’re in Japanese only (accessible from the Japanese side of this blog), but we hope to have English language versions up soon as well. …

Updated Safecast Webmap!

by sean


Since the unfortunate demise of our GeoSense map platform we haven’t had recent visualization of Safecast data available to web users. Last week Safecast volunteer Nick Dolezal (mastermind behind the Safecast iOS app) tried out an experiment and it …

Safecasting Iraq: Open Data to Open Doors

by Bilal Ghalib


Last month I was invited to facilitate some data visualization workshops at the Peace Tech camps in Erbil Iraq. One of the NGO’s I was working with was attempting to visualize a study to raise awareness about the issue of …

Safecasting the IAEA

by azby


Day 1, Feb 16, 2014

Joe and I are in Vienna this week to attend an IAEA expert meeting which starts Monday. SAFECAST was invited to make a presentation about our methods and results, and I’ll be the one giving …

FAQ: Contaminated Food In Japan

by sean

We frequently get emails from people traveling to Japan asking if it’s safe to eat the food in country, for fear of contamination from Fukushima and thought the answer we’ve been sending out recently would be helpful/informative for others as

Inside Daiichi

by sean

Another milestone for us today – this one quite significant. Until now we’ve been able to measure the exclusion zone around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant but we haven’t been inside the actual grounds – having quite literally run into …

All Seven Continents Safecasted

by sean

Safecaster Ryan recently put on his heavy coat and took a trip to Antarctica, brining along a trusty bGeigie and took these readings – making it official that Safecast has measured all seven continents! Nothing scary or unexpected here – …