Safecast is a volunteer driven non-profit organization with the goal of creating useful, granular environmental data for research and educational purposes. Initially focused on radiation levels in Japan, Safecast is now trying to get a radiation baseline for the planet as well as measure other environmental factors such as air quality. All Safecast data is published, free of charge, under a CC0 designation.

Safecast is apolitical, and takes no stance for or against nuclear power. Safecast is pro-data and committed to giving people accurate information with which they can draw their own conclusions. Safecast is funded by several grants and charitable foundations, however financial contributors and donors have no input on Safecast method or mission.

Data is collected via the Safecast sensor network as well as submitted by the public. Safecast also lends equipment to volunteers so that measurements may be taken on site in various locations. Measurements are taken free of charge. Safecast will regularly assess where equipment is best used and will reclaim and redistribute elsewhere from time to time, with priority being given to areas that have not yet been measured.

Safecast is a registered trademark and can not be used without permission.

Given nature of crowd sourcing and distributed teams, all data and equipment provided by Safecast is best effort, no warrenties or guarenties are provided.

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