Safecast Volunteers & Affiliation

Safecast is a largely volunteer project and some confusion may arrise as to who is involved with or can speak on behalf of the organization. Please note, Safecast is a registered trademark and can not be used without permission. Opinions of volunteers are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions or mission of Safecast.

The Safecast team is distributed around the world with volunteers helping out on almost every level.

Safecast data collection volunteers, also known as Safecasters, are loaned Safecast measurement devices with which they take and upload readings to the Safecast database. Measurements are taken free of charge, and Safecast owned devices must be retured to Safecast upon request. Safecast may request device(s) be returned for any number of reasons, but will primarily be if they are not being used, or if there is need for them elsewhere.

The organizational leads and core volunteers can be seen on our team page.