SAFECAST MAP Created by Nick Dolezal, The Safecast Map depicts over 34,000,000 radiation data points collected by the Safecast team and is updated several times daily. Maps with more recent datasets are currently available only via our free iOS and OSX app. Safecast - Safecast Safecast - Safecast FUSION MAP Created by Kalin Kozhuharov, this map displays Safecast mobile data around the world using Google’s Fusion Tables. This map was built with an older dataset – Last update January 23, 2012 INTERPOLATION MAP Created by Lionel Bergeret, this map is based on Safecast mobile data in Japan and attempts to fill in the space between the individual measurements. This map was built with an older dataset – Last update September 24, 2012
FUKUSHIMA PREFECTURE RADIATION MAP The Fukushima Government has created a world wide map of radiation measurements powered by SAFECAST data. FAILED ROBOT Created by Haiyan Zhang, this map visualises crowd-sourced radiation geiger counter readings from across Japan, including the Safecast/STE Fixed sensor network as well as governmental sources. SCANNING THE EARTH This Scanning The Earth visualization shows data from static sensors built as part of a previous collaboration between Safecast and Keio University. This project is no longer supported.
SAFECAST DRIVEMAPS Individual maps for drives performed by Safecast volunteers. YAHOO! JAPAN Yahoo! Japan has built a map displaying SAFECAST static sensor data.

*** You can download the Safecast data here.