Safecast In Taiwan: Asia Network Kick-off And Radiation Workshops

Safecast travelled to Taiwan for part of the Safecast Asia network kick-off, as well as citizen science radiation workshops and data gathering tours.

Safecast was in Taiwan as part of the Asia Network Kick-off tour, and held two workshops. One …

Accident at Hanford

Above: Photo showing the 20ft x 20ft hole which resulted from the collapse of a PUREX storage tunnel at Hanford (Image: Hanford Emergency Information page)

UPDATE, May 15, 2017: A Hanford emergency advisory issued today indicates that things are quieter

Mount Juman forest fire in Namie

UPDATE, May 12, 2017: Namie City government reports that as of 3:05 pm on May 10th, the Mount Juman fire was no longer burning. A city official we contacted by phone said that about 50 hectares had been burned in

Introducing Solarcast

Safecast has gained a tremendous amount of experience since starting our citizen-based environmental monitoring program in March, 2011. The learning curve has often been steep, but always rewarding. Conceived and designed primarily by OG Safecaster Ray Ozzie, …

Upcoming events in Hong Kong and Taipei

Safecast has been fortunate to have supporters in several Asian cities who have helped organize events and start volunteer communities. Many of these people have gotten to know each other, and so we’ve launched the Safecast Asia Network initiative to …

Event Announcement: Our World, Our Data at MIT

Fresh on the heels of our 6th anniversary, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be co-hosting a conference at MIT next month.

Our World, Our Data:  Taking Collective Responsibility for Citizen and Environmental Sensing

We live in a world increasingly …