First mobile run: Keio team

We’ve been working with some people from Keio University and earlier this week they took one of our sensors (0008 to be specific) on a drive north through some areas that have had no radiation data reported at all. At this point each geiger counter we have has it’s own flickr account where photos of each reading are uploaded, and new uploads from any probe are aggregated at tweeted from @RDTNprobes. Our process is still evolving but with only 11 sensors out in the world right now we can iterate quickly. This, being our first longer trip in a car was very much an “it works, do it” model.

As you can see the sensor was taped to the dashboard and photos were taken with an iPhone and uploaded regularly. This worked but was a little cumbersome. We’ve just finished something of a mobile reporting kit which consists of the geiger counter, a laptop, a GPS unit, mobile wifi and a camera all housed in a case. This should work a little smoother and we have our first run with that set up planned for this weekend. More on that very soon.

Of course our Kickstarter campaign is still running, we’ve raised a little over 1/3rd of a goal, but if you wanted to help out and donate a few bucks there it would go a very long way to fund exactly this kind of thing. Thank you.

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