RDTN is now Safecast

We’re excited to announce that effective immediately we’re rebranding this project as Safecast. You may recall that this site was conceived and launched in only about 3 days. Since then the scope and goals have grown considerably and we decided the name should better reflect that. While we certainly started this thinking about radiation in Japan, it became obvious that a sensor network logging all kinds of data (weather, wind, precipitation, etc) could be very useful both in Japan and other areas of the world. There’s no question that what is happening in Japan right now is our primary focus, but we hope the work we are doing there will just be the first steps towards something larger. We think that Safecast reflects these motivations a little better.

About the Author

Sean Bonner


Sean Bonner is a co-founder and Global Director of Safecast. Based in Tokyo, he's an Associate Professor at Keio University and an Associate Researcher at the Center For Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab.