Safecasting Aizu

Safecasting Aizu

On May 22nd, Safecast teammembers Hiroshi Yoshino and Pieter Franken drove to Aizu with bGeigies to measure the radiation levels. The measurements recorded were overall low which is great news for the residents of the area. Our team met up with some of the mother organized volunteer groups that are forming to help protect children in the area. We delivered our first CRM100 device from the Kickstarter campaign to one of these groups in Aizu and they will be uploading readings to us on a regular basis. Below are some photos of the drive and readings we took while there.

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Sean Bonner


Sean Bonner is a co-founder and Global Director of Safecast. Based in Los Angeles, he's an Associate Researcher at the Center For Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab and a Shuttleworth Fellow.