Safecasting in Oshima Island, Japan

Senba stratum section

My wife and me went for the week-end to Izu Oshima, it is one of the closest island accessible from Tokyo. The black sand beaches and its volcano offer quite good landscapes. We already went several times in past years but not since the March 11th events.

We took the High Speed Boat from Takashiba pier close to the Hamamatsucho train station, it is a 1h45m journey. Arrived at the Okata port our small yellow plated Daihatsu was waiting for us. We setup the bGeigie and started to drive 😉

Along the way, we took the Inspector Alert out of the bento box at several location. We took air and ground measurements. I was quite impressed by the volcanic rocks and more by the black volcanic sand radiation readings which were close to 8 CPM, which is close to nothing. The ground measurements on concrete reached 180 CPM at several locations which is quite high compared to the air (around 20-30 CPM)

Fudeshima Beach, 8 CPM

Mihara picnic table, 178 CPM

Volcanic rock, 32 CPM

On the way back to Tokyo, we attached bGeigie at the stern top terrasse of the ferry, we were curious about what would the radiation readings be.

bGeigie on board

Apart from the concrete, the radiation levels in the air are very low. Izu Oshima is highly recommended, it is a very nice place to visit for the week-end.

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