Shibuya Radiation Seminar Report

Pieter and Kalin


Last week we announced we’d be holding radiation seminar in Shibuya – audience spots filled up quickly and the event which happened this morning was a huge success. More than 50 people showed up completely filling the space at Loftwork Ground which we were fortunate enough to have donated to us. You can see a recorded Ustream of the seminar here (In Japanese)


Pieter and Kalin

In addition to presentations by Safecast team members Joi, Pieter and Kalin, we were joined by Hiroaki Kitano who gave a very insightful talk about risk and perceptions.

Hiroaki Kitano

We also got the chance to show off some of the hardware that we use on a regular basis and explain how we do that and what our measurements mean. Additionally we invited people to bring in their own devices, or samples for us to test. The reaction to this was fantastic and we are delighted that many more people are that much more informed and can help spread the word and help us build a larger network of open data for everyone.


bGegie on display

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