Who is in charge of decontamination?

Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) is the largest (Government affiliated) research organisation in Japan with over 4000 employees. They played a major role in promoting nuclear power, especially fast breeder reactors. On September 5 Professor Kaneko of Keio University mentioned in his tweets a conversation he had with his friend, Professor Kodama of Tokyo University who is organizing decontamination in Minami-Soma city. They went to school together when they were thirteen.

Professor Kodama complained a lot about seeing too many of JAEA people getting involved with the Nuclear Emergency Response Force in Fukushima and its decontamination projects. He says they don’t know anything about decontamination. One of them even suggested at the decontamination symposium in Minami-Soma on September 3 that mixing the soil surface with the soil underneath to reduce the radiation level below the permissible limit and pretending that decontamination has been done.


In July JAEA was appointed as decontamination adviser to Fukushima University (a national university). Iitate-mura, one of most contaminated cities, also appointed them as advisor. Professor Kaneko says JAEA is now desperately trying to protect their power and business interests. Mr. Hosono, Minister of the Environment, should stop excluding experts and private companies from their decontamination projects. Soon we’ll see many JAEA uniforms all over Fukushima and the water and soil will remain contaminated as they have no idea what real decontamination work is.


The Decontamination Law passed the Diet without deliberation a week ago. Under the law the Government is only responsible for decontaminating the evacuation areas and other areas exceeding 20mSv/yr. The Article 56 of the law states that the decontamination guideline is to be set by the Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC) that is set to merge with the Nuclear Safety Agency (NSA) next year. Today the Nuclear Safety Agency said that JAEA is the only research organisation in charge of determining the decontamination guideline. What make them think Tokyo Univ. and its Isotope Center is not qualified concerning decontamination?


In Japan, even clean-up after a nuclear accident is governed by pro-nuclear forces…

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