World Karate Organization to do All Japan bGeigie Relay

On December 2nd, we handed one bGeigie to the Kenji Midori, the President of the World Karate Organization (WKO), or in Japanese “Shinkyokushinkai”. The WKO is well known in Japan and world wide for organizing the Karate World Championships. Actually the 10th World Cup was just held here in Tokyo.

from left to right: Sakurako Shima, Pieter Franken, WKO President Midori, and JAM

With the help of Sakurako Shima, we recently met with GM Yasukazu Koi and Hiroshi Tanaka to introduce Safecast. They got really interested and offered us to help uot. After some talking WKO offered us to have a bGeigie relay tour aligned with the National Karate Championship schedule from Hokkaido in the North till Kyushu in the South. Local chapter members of WKO will drive around the bGeigie in the prefecture(s) ahead of the tournament and will showcase the bGeigie at the tournament. So basically a bGeigie Relay covering entire Japan. The first prefecture is Hokkaido and the first drives are in:

522 | 523 | 524 | 525

For the occasion we have made a special limited edition of the bGeigie, the “Black Belt Bento bGeigie+”. Full black, with black case, black belts, black carry case and gold window, it is the coolest bGeigie till date. It is also the first in a new series of bGeigies (named bGeigie+) that sport a number of improvements. The brain behind the bGeigie+ is Safecast’s JAM (Joe Moross). The third generation bGeigie brings a few key improvements over the bGeigie Mini (2nd generation) by having it behave as an ordinary USB “dongle”. Instead of having to open the bGeigie to replace batteries and remove the SD card for data upload, all of these operations can be done by hooking up the bGeigie+ to a computer via USB cable. The USB cable recharges the bGeigie+’ lithium ion batteries and allows for easy transfer of the files. Veteran Safecaster Robin Scheibler made a few improvements to the Freakduino’s code to improve file handling to make it even easier for volunteers to handle the file uploads. Based on the bGeigie+ prototype we’re now working on the production version and expect that we will have many more bGeigie+ on the road soon.

 WKO President Kenji Midori


Photo credit: WKO and Pieter Franken

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