Safecast Hackathon – January 13-18, 2013

At Safecast, we have been talking about our distributed team(s) and how beneficial it is when we can get people in the same room to actually hack on things. Not just bring each other up to date on what we’ve been working on, but actually get our hands dirty and build stuff. And then when we go back to our corners of the world the motivation from that progress helps keeps things moving. Upon realizing this we decided that we really needed to start having regular hackathons. Tentatively, we’ll have 4 a year, one in each quarter and each time in a different location around the world. That’s the idea anyway, we’ll see how it plays out in practice, but for the moment we have the first one to announce:

In January, we’ll meet up in Tokyo for a week and take a big bit out of our collective to do lists. We’ll start with the public GitHub issues and move on to new issues as they arise. And while a hackathon is kind of without structure, we’ll have some kind of opening event where we set up some goals and directions, and some closing event where we see how well we did. This will take place physically in Tokyo, but we’re going to try to live stream some of it as well as use IRC and shared web based documents to allow anyone from anywhere to participate if they feel motivated. I’ve put up a google doc with some tentative details – if you’d like to participate please check that out and add your info. I hope this will be the start of something awesome.

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Sean Bonner


Sean Bonner is a co-founder and Global Director of Safecast. Based in Los Angeles, he's an Associate Researcher at the Center For Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab and a Shuttleworth Fellow.