The bGeigie Nano Kit

The biggest limitation Safecast has faced in collecting data is the limited availability of our workhorse device, the bGeigie. The design works great, but it’s expensive (each one costs us about $1000) and time consuming (building one can take an entire week) which results in us having limited numbers of them to keep in use. We have way more people who want to drive around with bGeigie’s than we have bGeigie’s to be driven around. To solve this issue, we’ve created the bGeigie Nano, and thusly the bGeigie Nano Kit. As you might guess the Nano is a smaller form factor which makes it much easier to carry around and use, yet it’s even more feature packed than the original bGeigie. In fact many Safecast team members use the Nano’s exclusively now and carry them at all times, the compact size makes this incredibly easy to do.

Most importantly, the nano is a fairly simple kit comprised of readily available off the shelf parts. If you know how to solder (or want to spent 10 minutes learning how) you can build the Nano Kit in an evening, and be Safecasting the next day. You can take individual spot readings, or attach it to your car and drive around collecting geotagged radiation data that can be uploaded to Safecast via our API upload page. This is the exact same process we use. The design (hardware and software) is open source (just like all Safecast projects) so you are invited to hunt down each part on your own, but to make things simple we’ve teamed up with Medcom to provide a kit that you can build yourself. The cost will be $450 and they will be selling them on a first come first serve basis in batches as the kits are produced. If you want one, fill out this bGeigie Nano interest form and someone will follow up with you in short order.

More photos and technical details after the jump.
[All photos by Pieter Franken]

Technical Specifications:

– Three systems in one: bGeigie, xGeigie and iGeigie:
– bGeigie mode – mobile radiation sensor with display indicator in CPM and µSv/h, number of satellites locked, height (m), distance traversed (km), total duration of measurement (h:m) and time stamp (dd:hh:mm:ss)
– xGeigie mode – geiger counter mode (no logging) with display indicator for uSv/h dose-rate (Cs137), max dose-rate, dosimeter, Bq/m2 display (Cs137), time stamp and Alarm LED
– iGeigie output – iPhone compatible output for Safecast iOS app. iPhone app shows dose rate and can upload data realtime to Safecast API.
– Sensor: LND 7317 2” pancake GM tube with Medcom iRover HV supply; capable of measuring alpha, beta and gamma radiation
– Modular design – main unit can be taken out of case to use as surface contamination survey meter
– High quality GPS receiver with external booster antenna connector
– Wireless option – bluetooth, 802.15.4 or Wifi supported through Xbee socket – send data wirelessly to bGeigie Ninja or smartphone (Experimental; wireless components not included in kit)
– Blue Indicator LED for every nuclide detected (with cool afterglow)
– Red Indicator LED for “recording” (bGeigie mode) or “alarm” (xGeigie mode) indicators
– Orange indicator LED for charge status
– Battery status indicator on OLED display, with low Battery alarm.
– Function button (user assignable)
– Buzzer (can be switched off)
– 2000mAh battery for approx. 40-hour nonstop operation in bGeigie mode. USB chargeable.
– Memory: 2Gb SD micro card (included)
– Hot switch between bGeigie and xGeigie mode (in xGeigie mode recording is paused)
– Many parameters configureable through config file on SD card (e.g. user name, conversion factor for µSv/h and Bq/m2, time interval, etc)
– OLED display: 128×64 high contrast, two OLED display sizes supported
– Realtime clock
– Watertight, shock resistant Pelican 1010 micro case in Yellow or Black.
– Carry strap and hook attachment (for car, cycling, walking, airplane, etc)
– Fits into “Topeak” Bicycle top bar case for us on road bikes (not included)
– Dual CPU: Atmel, Arduino. Open-source software.

*This is a kit and we’re always modding things so the above may change any any moment without advance warning.

Want one? Fill out the bGeigie Nano interest form!

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