Vice Japan Covers Recent bGeigie Build Event

Recently, we held a build your own bGeigie Nano workshop at our offices in Shibuya, Tokyo. We’d been talking to the great folks at Vice Japan for a while and they decided they wanted to join the workshop and build a geiger counter for themselves. We were fortunate that schedules worked out and Yuka Uchida 内田有香 was able to attend. This piece, produced by Joseph George ジョージ・ジョセフ, gives a excellent overview of the event and process from building the bGeigie to collecting and uploading the data.

About the Author

Sean Bonner


Sean Bonner is a co-founder and Global Director of Safecast. Based in Los Angeles, he's an Associate Researcher at the Center For Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab and a Shuttleworth Fellow.