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Above: This is the upload as it appears in the SAFECAST API.

Every now and then we get a data submission which strikes us as particularly interesting for one reason or another, and we’d like to start highlighting them. So here’s our first “Upload of the Month.” .

User Kevin Kamps, co-credited with Beyond Nuclear, posted this recently with the description:
“Walking around the northern perimeter of the Entergy Palisades atomic reactor, within the confines of the Van Buren State Park.”
The location is in South Haven, Michigan, USA, right on the shore of Lake Michigan.

A lot of people are concerned about radiation levels in areas near nuclear power plants, but we rarely see reliable independent surveys of the sort that can help inform people about what is normal and what is not. Safecasters can quickly and easily survey and post readings like these, and as more a data like this becomes publicly available it will help establish baselines for radiation levels in areas of concern. This bGeigie Nano survey shows readings mainly in the 25-40 CPM range, with a few slightly higher areas. We don’t have a lot of data from this area to compare this to, but it seems well within the range of normal background.

This is the upload as it appears in our new web map.
This is the upload as it appears in our new web map.

Another reason we’re happy to see this upload is that Beyond Nuclear was one of the groups which participated in the bGeigie Nano workshop we held in Washington DC in April of this year. It’s great to see concrete results like this emerge from that important effort.

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