bGeigie Nano workshops on opposite sides of the world

Above: Workshop participants building their Nanos at Av-Lab in Strasbourg.

SAFECAST had another first this past weekend: simultaneous bGeigie Nano workshops on opposite sides of the world. Specifically, on Saturday Oct. 25, teams of people were building Nanos in both Taiwan and France.

In Taipei, the workshop was held at FabCafe Taipei, in Huashan Creative Park. Safecaster Joe Moross traveled from Tokyo to be there as an instructor, and there were 7 participants in all.

Joe Moross explains the basics of Nano assembly to workshop participants in Taipei.


Around 4pm in Taipei, 9am in France, the two groups linked up by video.

The Strasbourg workshop was organized by Dimitri Pletschette, founder of the NPO Fukushima Future. Nine participants, including staff from CRIIRAD and IRSN, gathered at the Av-Lab in Strasbourg, and Safecaster Robin Scheibler traveled from Lausanne to be the instructor.



More photos here and here.

SAFECAST holds bGeigie building workshops in Japan every couple of months, mainly in Tokyo and Fukushima. Our DC workshop this past April was our first overseas, and these most recent ones mark a nice geographic expansion of our volunteer base. We’ve seen how teaching a small group how to build detectors and measure radiation usually has a cascading effect, as people who were learners at first become teachers in their own right. This kind of expansion of our competent community is what we’re all about. More overseas workshops are in the works for early next year. If you’d like to find out more about hosting one in your area, please contact us at


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