Safecast X Shuttleworth

As some will already know the Shuttleworth Foundation has been a gracious supporter of Safecast and helped make our recent 4 year anniversary event possible. As one of their Fellows I’ve been fortunate to get to meet with and work with a brilliant collection of people from around the world working on similar openness-focused, potentially world-changing projects. Last year we came together in Malta to talk about what we were working on and where our projects were headed. As the event wrapped up and people prepared to head back to their respective corners of the world we had an idea. What if each fellow had a bGeigie to take with them to safecast their home towns and to take with them on their travels?

shuttleworth_edition_bgeigiesThis year the fellows convened in Toronto and we had a surprise for them. As the first line of “Special Edition” bGeigie’s we produced 4 green devices in collaboration with Shuttleworth that would be available for use by the Fellows. While there are more fellows than bGeigies at the moment, we gotta start somewhere, right? These 4 devices were entrusted to Daniel Lombraña González (Crowd Crafting & PyBossa), who has sent in data already Madrid & León; Jesse von Doom (Cash Music), who took a device back to Portland and will be mapping the Pacific Northwest; Johnny West (Open Oil), who lives in Berlin though thanks to his travels should be sending even more exotic locations soon; and finally Luke Mustafa (Koruza), based in Maribor, Slovenia who has already covered much new ground. The plan for the moment is for each fellow to map out as much ground as they can – new and old – and then hand off to other fellows in other locations to continue the project. Between these four people we’ve already added over 50,000 new points to the dataset and this is obviously just the beginning.

Safecast is very grateful to Shuttleworth, and the value of being able to expand our network with people of the caliber of the Fellows, who share our overall vision and motivations and have already made great strides in similar directions, is impossible to measure. Safecast is, after all, about people, and about building community. We’re happy to have the opportunity to build ours in this way.

About the Author

Sean Bonner


Sean Bonner is a co-founder and Global Director of Safecast. Based in Los Angeles, he's an Associate Researcher at the Center For Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab and a Shuttleworth Fellow.