Singapore University Business Students Visit Safecast

Around 20 students from Singapore Management University visited Safecast’s offices in Tokyo as part of a business study trip to Japan.

The stop at Safecast was in part to learn more about how Safecast, as a volunteer-centred organization with a focus on open citizen science, functions.

The students were attentive, enthusiastic and asked great questions throughout the two-hour visit.

Several questions related to some of the more business-related aspects of Safecast, such as how we can scale production of bGeigies.

This led to a conversation about open production models, such as the one used by Safecast. Anyone can buy bGeigie parts and put them together into a fully functioning product – in this case hopefully a Geiger counter. This crowd manufacturing approach means that scaling is tied directly to the amount of people interested in your product – and the amount available parts.

About the visit

Students taking were part of the Lee Kong Chian (LKC) Scholarships’ Program & SMU Scholarships’ Program. The general purpose was to visit various businesses in Japan to gain a better understanding of different business environments and learning about best business strategies and practices.

About the Author

Marc Prosser

Marc is British, Danish, Geekish, Bookish, Sportish, and loves anything in the world that goes 'booiingg'. He is a freelance journalist and researcher living in Tokyo and writes about all things science and tech. He started volunteering for Safecast after writing articles about their work following the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami - and because he believes that data and technology should be open and readily available.