Safecast Bay Area Network kick-off

Pieter Franken and Sean Bonner are visiting the Bay Area and will be in Palo Alto on November 2nd. We thought it would be a great occasion to organize a first informal Bay Area Safecast meetup.

Please join us for this opportunity to meet other Safecast volunteers in our region, get an update on the latest news, and brainstorm together on how we can put some of this Silicon Valley brainpower to good use for our favorite open data non-profit. Oh, and share ideas on what sort of exciting Drives we could organize in California too.

We will do a deep dive into Solarcast, the new Safecast device that monitors not only radiation, but also air quality, and which is being rolled out on the US West coast right now.

Address: Innovation Factory, 2595 E Bayshore Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Time: 5:30 to 7:30pm

About the Author


Ed works in Tech in Silicon Valley, California. He is the founder of and regularly advises actors in the radiation detection industry and NGOs. Ed has been a Safecast volunteer since 2012, and is the current maintainer of the Onyx open source Geiger counter of Kickstarter fame, as well as the author of the Safecast:Drive Android app for the bGeigie Nano. In his spare time, Ed is an amateur radio enthusiast, and also enjoys the occasional high power rocketry launch with his kids. You only have one life, right?