Safecast sensors and local volunteers document effect of SoCal brush fires

Safecast has two Solarcast Air Quality devices located close to the area in Southern California hit by brush fires this week. Local volunteer Meeno Peluce also photo documented the fires in Montecito Heights in LA, near a Solarcast sensor that he hosts.  

Credit: Meeno Peluce

Credit: Meeno Peluce

Credit: Meeno Peluce

Credit: Meeno Peluce

The location of this sensor can be seen in the lower right below:

And this graph shows the air returning to normal very quickly after the fires were put out. You can explore the data yourself on the Safecast map.

Luckily only brush was burned and nearby homes were spared. A little further west in Goleta people weren’t so lucky:

The readings from the Safecast Solarcast sensor in Goleta can be found on the Safecast Map here. This area is currently evacuated but the sensor is still reporting in which we hope is a good sign for the neighborhood where it’s placed.

Bush fires have hit several places in the last few days. One has torn through an area on the border between California and Oregon. According to ABC News, the fires have killed at least one person and torched hundreds of homes.

In the hills around Goleta, located in Santa Barbara County, at least 20 homes have burned since the fire began on Friday night local time. We’ll be looking further at the air sensor data we’re getting from these sensors and others near by and report back if we find more.

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