The bGeigie Diaries: Tokyo to Fukushima after the disaster

Kiki at the Mori Kids’ Mirai Summer Camp Workshop on radiation, Tokyo, August, 2017.

If there was a list of unsung Safecast heroes, Kyoko ‘Kiki’ Tanaka would be one of the first names on it. Kiki has been a core

Q&A: Why Safecast’s Global Director Has Moved To Japan

Sean Bonner during a panel debate

Safecast’s director of global operations, Sean Bonner, is adding another entry to an already long CV: moved to Japan in August, 2017. Besides looking forward to exploring the country and sharing his passion for …

The bGeigie Diaries: Mapping Across Australia

On the road through Australia’s vast interior

Data collector: Richard Unwin

bGeigie Number: 2327 – User ID 605

Data locations: Across Australia, including around Perth, central Australia and Tasmania.

Hot Spot / Interesting Readings:  Vatican City – Rome – interesting …

The bGeigie Diaries: From Six Years Before Fukushima To New Zealand

Allan Lind and his bGeigie in New Zealand

Data Collector: Allan Lind

Data locations: New Zealand, Japan

You started collecting radiation data here in Japan long before Fukushima. What got you interested and when did you begin collecting data?

My …

The bGeigie Diaries: Mapping from New Delhi to ‘Little Lhasa’

Savina Singla and her bGeigie in Italy

Data collector: Savina Singla

Data locations: Kolkata, New Delhi, North West India, area up towards McLeod Ganj, known as ‘Little Lhasa’

What’s the last data you recorded with a bGeigie?

I went …