UPDATE January 2014: This page is in serious need of updating. Our primary device at this point is the bGeigie Nano which we make ourselves as well as sell kits that others can make and use on their own.

At Safecast we have a number of devices in our arsenal that we use to collect data. To maintain consistency across these devices we have tried to standardize around the 2″ Pancake sensor produced by LND for the main devices we take readings with at it is highly sensitive and we’re confident in it’s ability to measure alpha, betas and gammas. On some of the devices that we distribute to the public we have also used the LND 712 which is a smaller and slightly less expensive sensor but still very good quality. We made this decision to enable more devices to be deployed into the field sooner.

Off the shelf

  • Inspector AlertInspector Alert – The Inspectors are the work horses of the Safecast collection. This is the device that most team members prefer to use personally for individual readings as well as to test the sensitivity of other devices. This is produced by International Medcom and is based around the 2″ pancake sensor. Additionally we use these inside of our bGegie devices.
    Cost per unit: $700
    Number of units currently deployed: 40
  • CRM 100 – The CRM-100 is something like the little brother to the Inspector and from a distance the two look very similar. Same size housing and similar looking controls. This device uses the smaller LND 712 tube and take a little longer to register a measurement, which is perfectly fine for an individual taking a single reading which is mostly the application for which we use these. When we give out devices to volunteers to take measurements around their homes and neighborhoods this is primarily the device we like to distribute.
    Cost per unit: $450
    Number of units currently deployed: 30


  • bgeigiebGeigie – The vast majority of the data we’ve collected has been with our bGeigie devices. The “b” stands for “bento” as the device itself looks like a cute little lunch package. The bGeigie is essentially an off the shelf Inspector Alert that is connected via the data out port to some custom electronics that record a data point every 5 seconds, tag with with a GPS location and then saves it to an SD card. This whole package is then put into a weather tight box with a special window that keeps moisture out but allows radiation in, and can then be mounted on a car and driven around logging data. The initial versions of the bGeigie did not have an SD card and required a PC (in the car) to be connected via a cable to log the data. The newest versions of the bGegie have wifi in addition to the SD card.
    Cost per unit: $1000
    Number of units currently deployed: 25
    *Please see the note about ‘drives’ below.


  • nGeigie – This is our custom built fixed sensor that is meant to be installed in a single location. From there it takes readings on a regular basis and reports back to us so we can see a history of measurements from a specific point and identify changes as they happen. This device uses our favorite 2″ pancake sensor and is driven by a Chumby Hacker Board. Early prototype versions actually have Inspectors built in similar to our bGeigies. Wired and wireless versions of this exist depending on the installation needs. The nGeigie will be the core of our fixed sensor network and we plan to rapidly increase the number of these in the field soon.
    Cost per unit: $500
    Number of units currently deployed: 20
  • igeigieiGeigie – The iGeigie is a concept sensing device that can be coupled with a mobile device such as an iPhone. While the iGeigie has received a lot of press, currently it’s still firmly in the prototype stage with only two functioning models in existence. The top 10 donors to the initial Safecast Kickstarter fundraiser will be receiving a limited edition version which will bring the number in the field up to 12 and a kit version is currently being designed.
    Cost per unit: $200
    Number of units currently deployed: 2

Drives – It’s worth noting that with many devices, once they exist the cost to take readings is nothing. That isn’t entirely true with out bGeigies since they are designed to take readings while driving across the country. Taking toll roads and gas into account, each ‘drive’ with a bGeigie costs around $300, but we can easily collect over 10,000 data points on a drive so this is totally justifiable for us. Still it’s a cost that adds up and often comes out of volunteers own pockets, so if you’d like to donate something to help cover the costs of a drive we’d be greatly appreciative.


  • Inspector AlertInspector Alertインスペクターは、セーフキャストの所有品のなかでもっとも活躍する機器です。この測定器は、個人で測定を行う際に、メンバーが最も好んで使用するものです。他の機器の感度をテストする際にも用いられます。この製品は、International Medcom 社製で、2インチのパンケーキセンサーを使用しています。このインスペクターは、bGeigie にも内蔵させています。
  • CRM 100CRM-100これは、見た目にもインスペクターとそっくりで、遠くからでは見分けが付きません。サイズも同じで、スイッチ類もほとんど同じです。この機器は、LND712という小さめのガイガー管を使用しており、測定にやや時間がかかります。しかし、移動をせずにその場の放射線量を測定するには必要十分な性能です。住宅やその周辺の計測を行う場合、ボランティアが持っていく測定器の第一候補となります。


  • bgeigiebGeigie – セーフキャストが集めたデータの大部分は、この bGeigie によるものです。この “b” は、bento を意味しています。かわいい弁当箱のような形なので・・・


  • nGeigie – セーフキャストが固定センサーとして個々の場所での測定を行うために作成したものです。定期的に放射線量を計測して、インターネットを介してセーフキャストにレポートを送ってきます。これにより、特定の場所の測定値の履歴を見ることができ、どのように変化したかを調べることが出来ます。
    この装置は、我々の秘蔵の2インチのパンケーキ型センサーを使用し、Chumby Hacker ボードにより制御されます。(初期の試作機では、bGeigieと同じくインスペクターを内蔵するもので、有線バージョン、無線バージョンが必要に応じて作られました。)
  • igeigieiGeigie – iPhone のようなモバイルデバイスと組み合わせて使用するコンセプト機器です。
    iGeigie には、多くの引き合いがあるのですが、現在のところ2台の試作品があるだけで、プロトタイプの域を出ていません。セーフキャストの立ち上げに寄与してくれた上位10名の寄付者にはシリアルナンバー12までの限定バージョンが送られる予定です。組み立てキットを別途、設計中です。

ドライブ – 他の測定器とは異なり、一旦入手すれば、測定に費用はかかりません。