[:en]bGeigie Nano Operation Quick-start[:]

[:en][work in progress]

– the unit has two modes: bGeigie/CPM (log data) and geiger counter (uSv and Bq/m2 display)
– to log, put mode switch (next to display) in CPM position
– switch on unit (switch is at the bottom)
– display will indicate if you have a GPS lock. Once locked the number indicates number of satellites it is locked to. The more satellites locked, the more accurate position you get
– once locked, a red LED next to display will blink every 5 seconds (there’s also an LED on the GPS board that will stop blinking once locked)
– GPS lock may be immediate, or take a few minutes
– the display also indicates the height and distance travelled, time stamp (every 5 seconds) and dose rate equivalent in uSv/h
– to get measurements to Safecast, take out the micro SD card from the data logger (red board). Upload to api.safecast.org (you need to create an upload account)
– to put unit in geiger counter mode, or pause logging, switch to toggle switch to uSv/hr mode. Display will indicate uSv/hr and Bq/m2.
– to take the unit out, best is to push with both of your thumbs on each corner of the unit, push it inwards and then swivel the unit so it comes out gently.
– stealth mode: the two dip switches switch off the two LED’s next to the display.
– strap is for use by car – make sure to tie the strap to the handle bar. The sensor should point outwards
– for use on a bicycle I recommend you get one of these: http://www.topeak.com/products/Bags/tri_drybag_2
– the case is water tight, but not proof.
– to charge connect the unit with USB to a charger. Charging takes 6 hours or so, battery lasts around 30 hours[:]

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