Licenses We Use

Licensing can be confusing. We’ll try to make it a little less so with this handy little guide so what licenses we use and how we use them.

The term “Safecast” and the safecast logo are Registered Trademarks of the Momoko Ito Foundation, a 501(c)3 Non-profit
Usage must be approved by us.

All contents of this website are published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Licence
You can copy and reprint the things we publish here, but you have to make it clear that you got them from us, cite the original author and you can’t sell or make money with our work.

Safecast data is published under a CC0 designation
This is a public domain designation and means the data is free and open for anyone to use under any circumstance. We have done this to enable to most flexibility in it’s use by others. While you are not legally required to attribute the data back to us, it’s a nice thing to do – collecting the data was a lot of hard work.
Joi Ito has written more about this here.

The hardware developed by Safecast is open source.
You are free to open, manipulate, hack, break and or improve anything.

All copyrightable, non-text works, hardware reference design, etc are published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License
You are free to copy, edit and republish these, but you must make it clear we are the original source and must publish under this same license. You can’t copyright anything you make based on our work.

All the copyrightable functional works of our hardware designs are published under BSD

All the patentable functional works of our hardware designs are published under an XL1.0 Cross License .

Software is licensed under the MIT license unless otherwise specified. (software published on Github)

About the Author

Sean Bonner


Sean Bonner is a co-founder and Global Director of Safecast. Based in Los Angeles, he's an Associate Researcher at the Center For Civic Media at the MIT Media Lab and a Shuttleworth Fellow.