(English) Safecast at the IAEA

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Safecast bGeigieNanoKit V1.4.1 features

 Introduction: V1.4.1 for bGeigieNano is available now at https://github.com/Safecast/bGeigieNanoKit. New is the hotspot reading (5 seconds reading). Specially useful for finding out where exactly the radiation is highest. And finding the source of the radiation. A video for the added functionality can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GF0vf3rVHw It has been a while since Safecast release an update for the firmware of bGeigieNano. The main problem of creating patches/added functionality is the limited memory space of the FIO hardware. How to update:     Mac: Application for Mac (easiest). Download and run this app, which is a self-contained installer that contains the new firmware package: https://github.com/Safecast/bGeigieNanoKit/blob/master/bGeigieNano_V1.4.1_uploader.app.zip Connect the FTDI connector tp the bGeigieNano. (Take BLE module, if used, out of Xbee socket) Press flash button (check exact working on button) Source code and compile. Get code from Github Setup compiler environment as mention on https://github.com/Safecast/bGeigieNanoKit under “Build process” Run “make” , connect the bGeigieNano and run “make upload”     Windows: Hex file download and use UploaderX Download the hex file from: https://github.com/Safecast/bGeigieNanoKit/blob/master/bGeigieNanoV1.4.1.hex Download the UploaderX program from: http://xloader.russemotto.com/ Connect the FTDI connector tp the bGeigieNano. (Take BLE module, if used, out of Xbee socket) Run the program and configure it with your COM port. Also, make sure that the Baud Rate is set to 115200. Select the Hex file from the location where you saved it before in step 1 above. Click “Upload” to transfer the hex file to the bGeigieNano. How to Setup the Alarm level: Shut down the bGeigieNano and take out the SDCARD. Edit the SDCard SAFECAST.TXT and change the alm=XXX settings to set CPM count/trigger level.  Power on the bGeigieNano. Display changes: If the bGeigieNano is in normal logging mode you will see in the upper right corner of the display 60s displayed. What indicates that the counting of …