Q&A: Why Safecast’s Global Director Has Moved To Japan

Sean Bonner during a panel debate

Safecast’s director of global operations, Sean Bonner, is adding another entry to an already long CV: moved to Japan in August, 2017. Besides looking forward to exploring the country and sharing his passion for …

The bGeigie Diaries: Mapping Across Australia

On the road through Australia’s vast interior

Data collector: Richard Unwin

bGeigie Number: 2327 – User ID 605

Data locations: Across Australia, including around Perth, central Australia and Tasmania.

Hot Spot / Interesting Readings:  Vatican City – Rome – interesting …

Bodega Marine Lab radiation sensor is back online!

TL;DR;  The Safecast realtime seawater radiation sensor at Bodega Bay, CA, has been repaired. The realtime feed is here. For more details, read on!

Though ocean scientists have been monitoring the levels of radionuclides in the ocean for decades, …

The bGeigie Diaries: From Six Years Before Fukushima To New Zealand

Allan Lind and his bGeigie in New Zealand

Data Collector: Allan Lind

Data locations: New Zealand, Japan

You started collecting radiation data here in Japan long before Fukushima. What got you interested and when did you begin collecting data?

My …

The bGeigie Diaries: Mapping from New Delhi to ‘Little Lhasa’

Savina Singla and her bGeigie in Italy

Data collector: Savina Singla

Data locations: Kolkata, New Delhi, North West India, area up towards McLeod Ganj, known as ‘Little Lhasa’

What’s the last data you recorded with a bGeigie?

I went …

New Safecast Kickstarter Campaign Launched!

Above: A prototype bGeigie Raku (left) pictured alongside a bGeigie Nano (right)

Safecast just launched a new Kickstarter campaign to find development of the bGeigie Raku, our latest-generation bGeigie mobile radiation detector.  Kickstarter invited us to participate in their new …