Almost seven years have passed since 3 · 11, and while we’ve been informed that the decommissioning of the reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant will take 40 more years, we wonder what will Fukushima look like 50 …

The Bgeigie Diaries: Daiichi and the Dutch connection

Rob Oudendjik is one of the very early Safecast members. He was involved in many of the projects that laid the foundation for the current generation of bGeigies, as well as the way that Safecast gathers its data. He shares …

About that radioactive plume of Ru-106….

Above: The map released by IRSN on Nov. 9, 2017. Please note that it does not show the extent of the Ru-106 plume itself, but the likelihood that any of the grid points is the origin of the release.


Safecast Bay Area Network kick-off

Pieter Franken and Sean Bonner are visiting the Bay Area and will be in Palo Alto on November 2nd. We thought it would be a great occasion to organize a first informal Bay Area Safecast meetup.

Please join us for …

Data for Development

Safecast was happy to be asked by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) to contribute a case study about our project to their new publication, Case Studies on Data for Development.

The case study collection is part …

The bGeigie Diaries: Tokyo to Fukushima after the disaster

Kiki at the Mori Kids’ Mirai Summer Camp Workshop on radiation, Tokyo, August, 2017.

If there was a list of unsung Safecast heroes, Kyoko ‘Kiki’ Tanaka would be one of the first names on it. Kiki has been a core