The Safecast Report

From the beginning we’ve thought it important to keep tabs on developments in Fukushima and provide readable summaries of important news and research. Beginning in 2015, we have been compiling and publishing the Safecast Report, to inform people about what we’ve been doing, as well as about the situation in Fukushima in terms of the conditions at the Fukushima Daiichi plant itself, the environment, evacuees, food, and health.

The report has grown in size, and in contrast with previous years, for 2017 we are making it available in sections for easier download and reading. A combined version will also be available. 

Part 1 of the Safecast Report 2017 —  The Safecast Project Update is now available. It describes our activities, initiatives, milestones, new hardware and software, and everything else we’ve been up to through August 2017. The following sections will be posted here as well.

Direct download link:

Safecast Report 2017, Part 1: The Safecast Project Update


It can also be downloaded from the Safecast page at Slideshare (6.5 mb):

Safecast Report 2017, Part 1: The Safecast Project Update


Volume 2 of the Safecast Report is still available for download (printable quality, 105 pps,18 mb):

On SlideShare:

Safecast Report Vol. 2, 2016 





2.1- Issues at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Powerplant (FDNPP)
2.2- Evacuees and Returnees
2.3- Environment and Decontamination
2.4- Food
2.5- Health

Safecast Report Vol. 2, 2016 — Executive Summary


The Japanese translation of the Safecast Report 2016 is also available for direct download (printable quality, 25 mb).

Safecast Report 2016, Japanese translation

On SlideShare:

Safecast Report 2016, Japanese translation

The 2015 edition of the Safecast Report is available here:

Safecast Report Vol.1 PDF