Safecast is an almost entirely volunteer organization* and as such we are always looking for more people to help out with various aspects of our work. For all interested potential volunteers, the first thing you should do is join Safecast Discussion List and introduce yourself. We also use github for dev/web version control and slack for internal team communications.

* Some administrative and technical positions have been and will continue to be paid positions. We are not currently hiring, but when we decide to create paid positions they generally come from existing volunteers.

Most importantly, Safecast is a largely decentralized, collaborative effort consisting of team members all over the world and as such volunteers can not speak on behalf of Safecast. We enable and encourage people to be independent and take individual initiative, however it’s important that volunteers can work well with other team members, support each others efforts and have ability to hit deadlines if/when we have them.

This is a generalized list of things asked of Safecast Volunteers:

  • Help people & press find and use Safecast Data
  • Teach and encourage best practices
  • Represent the ideals illustrated in The Safecast Code
  • Collect data as often as possible
  • Help ensure data remains independent and complete

Our needs change from time to time, so if you think you have a relevant skill to offer, please get in touch.